Christian Wilm Müller

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Pianist Christian Wilm Müller studied with Volkmar Lehmann (Weimar) and Oleg Maisenberg (Vienna/Stuttgart). Other important musical influences for him Christian Wilm Müllerare Detlef Kraus (Germany), Menahem Pressler (USA) and Ferenc Rados (Hungary).
He has been awarded prizes and grants both as soloist and chamber musician - Usti nad Labem, Deutscher Musikwettbewerb), Allianz-Prize from the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommen, The German Academic Scholarship Foundation, Cité Internationale des Arts Paris Grant, to name a few.

His career as a soloist, Lied accompanist and chamber musician - numerous times as pianist of the Liszt-Trio Weimar - have led him to perform in over 25 countries; Europe, Australia, Iran, Japan and South Korea.

Christian Wilm Müller by Guido WernerHe has performed with the German Symphony Orchestra Berlin, the Dresdner Philharmonic, the Badischen Staatskapelle Karlsruhe, the Schleswig-Holstein-Sinfonieorchester, the Orchestras from Gotha/Suhl, Meiningen und Thessaloniki (Greece), at festivals such as the Festspielen Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the Kitakyushu International Music Festival (Japan), the Rheingau-Festival, Oleg-Kagan-Festspiele, Beethoven-Fest Sutri (Italy) and Kunstfest Weimar.

Christian Wilm Müller has given recitals with members of the Komische Oper Berlin, the NHK Symphony Orchestra Tokyo and the Vienna Philharmonic.
Concert recordings and productions by radio and TV (NDR, MDR, Bartók-Radio Budapest, DW, 3Sat, NHK Japan) as well as various CD productions of him are available. The second CD (2006) produced by æon (Paris) of the Liszt-Trio Weimar, with the Piano Trios of Mauricio Kagel and Alfred Schnittke, has been awarded the Coup de Coeur prize from the Académie Charles Cros.

In 2012, he recorded a Solo-CD of Brahms' late piano works op.116 to op.119 with Spektral.



Christian Wilm Müller


Pianist Christian Wilm Müller is currently teaching at the University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar as professor for piano and chamber music.

Christian Wilm Müller

He teaches emerging pianists at both the Musikgymnasium Schloss Belvedere (a school for talented young musicians) as well as students at the University of Music in Weimar.

Throughout the years, his students have been awarded multiple prizes at prestigious competitions such as:

♦  1st Prize and Grand Prize at the International Mozart Competition in Berlin 2019,

♦  1st Prize in the Piano Performance category at the San Donà di Piave Competition 2019,
Silver medal in the Piano Virtuoso category at the International Music Competition in Berlin 2019,

♦  1st Prize at the Darko Lukic Competition in Croatia 2018,

♦  1st Prize in Category IV at the International Piano Competition in Wiesbaden 2018,

♦  1st Prize and Grand Prize at the Bach Competition Köthen 2015,

♦  Various Prizes and Diplomas at competitions like the International Nach Competition in Würzburg, International Liszt Competition Wroclaw, International Grotrian-Steinweg Competition, International Hans-von-Bülow Competition, International Music Competitiom Euterpe, Italy,

♦  Multiple first prizes with highest distinction in the Piano Solo and Piano Chamber Music categories at the National "Jugend Musiziert" as well as the follow-up WESPE Competition, since the beginning of 2000,

♦  various Grants: Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung, Yehudi Menuhin Live-Music-Now, Deutschland-Stipendium and Charlotte-Krupp-Stipendium of the University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar, Graduiertenstipendium of the province of Thuringia, etc.

Christian Wilm Müller teaches also at the Euro Arts Academy. He has given and continues to give piano and chamber music courses in Europe, the USA, Japan, South Korea and Australia.

Adjudicator of many national and international piano competitions, he is also Artistic Director of the International Hans-von-Bülow Piano Competition.


26th-31st July 2021:

Talent Music Summer Courses & Festival Brescia Italy | more:

18th-26th July and 27th-5th September 2021:

39th „Euro Music Festival & Academy“ | more:

11th/12th September 2021:

Master Class Landesmusikakademie Sonderhausen | more:

13th-18th September 2021:

Rotarischer Sommerkurs / Weimarer Meisterkurse Junior | more:

17th-22nd October 2021:

2. International Carl Maria von Weber competition for young pianists - Juror | more:

22nd-24th October 2021:

Weimarer Liszt-Tage der Deutschen Liszt-Gesellschaft e.V. | more:

27th-31st October 2021:

12. Bach-Wettbewerb Köthen – Juror | more:

11th-14th November 2021:

Konzert und Kurs Meininger Studientage 2021 | more:

17th Dezember 2021:

5 piano concerts by Ludwig van Beethoven, accompanied in a version for string quartett by Vinzenz Lachner (1811-1893) | with students of Prof. Christian Wilm Müller and the chamber music classes, University of music Weimar

May 2023:

4. International Hans von Bülow competition in Meiningen | artistic director and head of the jury
categories: Junior, Professional, Conducting from the piano | in collaboration with the Staatstheater Meiningen



Christian Wilm Müller

CD / Audio / Video

Johannes Brahms: The Final Piano Pieces op. 116-119, published in 2012 by Spektral 














 >>> listen (youtube): Fantasy op. 116 Nr. 1, Capriccio. Presto energico














 >>> listen (youtube): piano pieces op. 118 Nr. 2, Intermezzo. Andante














>>> listen (youtube): piano pieces op. 118 Nr. 3, Ballade. Allegro energico  

Mauricio Kagel / Alfred Schnittke: Piano Trios by Liszt-Trio-Weimar, published in 2006 by aeon














 >>> listen (youtube): Mauricio Kagel, Piano Trio No 2














 >>> listen (youtube): Mauricio Kagel, Piano Trio No 1, 1. Movement














 >>> listen (youtube): Mauricio Kagel, Piano Trio No 1, 2. Movement

Piano trios by Frank Martin, Franz Liszt and Johannes Brahms with Liszt-Trio-Weimar, published in 1995














































 >>> listen: Johannes Brahms: Scherzo from piano trio in C-Minor, op. 87 >>> 


Paul Gerhard musical version with Thomanerchor Leipzig, published in 2007 by Rondeau














































On Midnight: art songs and alemannic folksongs, published in 1997 by Tritonus
















































Christian Wilm Müller
































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